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Personal Chef Services

We will first have a Personal Assessment Interview where Chef Daniel can learn all of your ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ as well as allergies and any dietary and or special needs. Together we can create ‘Palate Specific’ menus that are nutritious and delicious just for you and or your loved ones.
Included in Personal Assessment Interview
– Going over refrigerator and freezer space
– Kitchen -layout
– Food storage container & reheating preferences
Finally, we will then schedule our first cook date and establish the number of meals and servings you will prefer and also clarify the frequency of Piper Wilder Personal Chef services. (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly as needed)
Fees are based on the amount of Entrées & Servings that best suit your individual
& family needs. We are happy to tailor a ‘plan’ personally for you.
Personal Chef Fees include assessment meeting of your special dietary requirements, customized menu planning, grocery shopping, cooking, and storage of all your meals with easy to follow heating instructions. Services can be Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly & as needed. Please call for pricing.
All meals are created with the freshest ingredients.
Please contact Chef Daniel  to set up your Assessment Interview. If you’d like to offer
a personal chef service to a friend or loved one, gift certificates are also available.


Luzette catering Personal Chef Fees include:
In-home Assessment of your dietary preferences
Customized Menu Planning & Recipe Research
Grocery Shopping
Preparation of Weekly-Meals in the Safety of your Kitchen
Storing Meals w/ easy to follow re-heating directions
Sanitizing kitchen before & after meal preparation
Table-Side Service Available
Package Choices:
Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly &  As Needed Personal Chef Services
Prices stated are the personal chef fee; groceries are additional.
The cost of food varies based on your food preferences, but typically average $125 to $150 for two weeks of meals for two people or $150 to $175 for four people. Your actual costs may be lower or higher depending on your food preferences and dietary requirements.

Basic. Good for approx. 3-4 meals.
1 seasonal soup (16 oz. jar)
2 Salads (one large green salad and one grain/vegetable salad)
2 large entrees

Gold. Good for approx.  5-6 meals.
1 seasonal soup
3 Salads
2 large entrees
2 sides

Platinum. Good for approx. 7-8 meals
With sweets!
1 seasonal soup
3 Salads
3 large entrees
2 sides
1 dessert (dozen cookies, fruit crisps, pie, etc)
+ extra assorted snacks

Special Services
In addition to personal chef cooking we offer additional services.  Therefore, we offer these services at an hourly rate:
Basic Chef Services (kitchen organizing, etc) =  $75 / hour + Food Cost (minimum of 3 hours)
Cooking Lessons  = $75 / hour + Food Cost (average 3 - 4 hours)

Additional Services:
Call Today for Customized Special Event Planning.

Intimate Dinner Parties for 2-30.
Cooking Classes/Demo Parties
Romantic Dinners for Two
Wedding Proposals
The New Mother

Please contact Chef Daniel to customize the service, gift-certificate, or event that best meets your desired needs.